Weekly Showings

During Term we hold weekly meetings every Tuesday in which we show our members some of our favourite films and television shows. Most weeks the first showing is decided by committee and a second showing is decided by voting. These meetings are held in DLT1,with doors opening 6pm allowing our members to meet and chat before the showings start at 7pm.

Weekend and Live Showings

As well as our weekly showings SFX also runs frequent weekend events.Our weekend showings are usually marathons of popular shows and film series allowing our members to catch up on great shows they missed or rewatch old favourites.We also have live showings of some of the biggest shows on right now such as Game of Thrones and Doctor Who.



We also have micro-events on some weekends,these are themed events that allow people interested in the same series or genre can meet up and chat about it with each other. We also include an introductory talk prepared by our council or members so not just the fans can enjoy themselves,people curious about the subject or just dragged along by friends can have fun as well!

Winter Is Coming

Winter is Coming is our annual pub quiz, hosted at the Lady Luck Bar at the end of first term.There will be questions on the showings seen so far and the Committee's favourite series, costumes are encouraged but not compulsary unless you're part of the Committee and lots of fun is to be had for our last big event before Christmas!