Get to know the people running our society.If you have any concerns or questions about the society  or our events,or if you just want to talk about anything geeky, these are the people to talk to.

President - Aaron Fagan

I'm Aaron (The one on the left of the picture), el Presidente for SFX this year. As President, it’s my job to get my committee moving and working hard for the good of the society.

If you have any problems about the society, please come talk to me!

This is my third year of being in the society, I enjoyed being a member of SFX in my first year and wanted to help out, that's how I got here, again. I'm currently in my third year of studying ancient history, go Athenians! I'm more of a roleplay game or gaming nerd than of the film variety. I really enjoy the Star Wars and Warhammer fandoms (May the Emperor’s light shine upon you!) My favourite films include Saving Private Ryan and Pacific Rim (I know it has plot holes, but it has pretty mechs.) My favourite TV show at the moment is Voltron on Netflix, I’d definitely recommend!

Treasurer - Ciaran Middleton-Blakeman

Hi, I’m Ciaran, man in the hat and the treasurer for SFX for the year meaning I keep track of all the money we are spending. I am studying physics (currently in my foundation year) so naturally I am a fan of sci-fi - especially when it involves SPACE!

I would say that my main fandoms include Star Wars,The Expanse and the (ingenious) Discworld series. Although I am very new to this society and don’t always know what I am doing, I will make an attempt to run the society or at least do whatever the rest of committee say.

Secretary - Heather Hanson

Hi I'm Heather, illustrious secretary of SFX, all the emails you receive come from me and I deal in behind the scenes admin.

I'm a third year Classics and Archaeology student (the best age was the iron age). I mostly like TV and Radio shows, my favourites being Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Cabin Pressure, M*A*S*H and Doctor Who. I also quite like sci-fi and modern fantasy type settings, and quite a few old sit-coms.


Tech Monkey - Tom Slucock

I am the Tech Monkey, I turn things on and off until they work and also update the website and facebook page. Currently I am in the third year of my MEng Electrical and Communications Engineering degree.

I like bad jokes, robots, and especially games. While I don't have a definite 'favourite' film, i'm a fan of action movies such as Pacific Rim and John Wick, along with older TV shows such as Red Dwarf and the Goodies.

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Events Officer - Juliana Sarmento

She's the events officer.

Forerunner - Kim Britnell

Hi there, I'm Kim and I'm the Forerunner, which means I act as an advisor to the committee – I've run the society in the past, and have a good idea what things work and what things don't. I'm also there as a step between the committee and the members, so if you have any problems with any member of the committee you can come to me. On a personal note, I like a range of fandoms, especially Star Wars (though if anyone says the "midi-" word to me I WILL CUT YOU), cult movies and anything with Kurt Russell or David Bowie. I enjoy reading books and comics, my favourite “super” being Deadpool. I love tabletop and electronic gaming, and can be found as Oneiroi17 on Steam, Raptr and Xbox. I have loved this society since its inception and am hugely proud of how successful it is and how much it has grown. I think I'm pretty friendly (though warning, I tend to swear a bit!) so feel free to come find me at the front of the room for a chat!