Greetings from SFX Society

We would like to welcome all of our members new and old back to Kent, we hope to see as many of you as possible at our upcoming events and weekly showings. A reminder that the weekly showings will always be free of charge and open to everyone not just those who have joined the society.


Upcoming Events

Week 24: Action Hero Roulette!

Hey SFXers!

As its our last week this term we're gonna be shaking things up a bit and having you all vote for your favourite action hero from our list! They are: 

Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Sylvester Stallone

Bruce Willis

Jackie Chan

Once one of them has been chosen, we're gonna play one of their films that you may not have seen before! We've also got our annual AGM (give you guys a rundown on what we as a committee have done over the year).

After our showing, we'll be headed down to Mungo's for a social event with committee and members alike.

Much the same as last week, we'll be in ELT2 at 7PM! Thanks everyone for coming this year, we hope you all enjoyed it and come back next year!

Don't forget.... 



...Geekfest is coming.


Trailers for Upcoming Showings